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Surrealism and Colour Separation

Ciara Donnelly

I wanted to experiment with creating a new and surreal colour palette for my prints. the concepts around CYMK really interested me in that when separated they could be seen as separate memories of the original image.

This also reminds me of how I separate aspects of my photographs to recreate them in the form of printed textiles.

Below are videos recording a textile sample, the piece was created by adding a halftone separating out a Microscopic Mushroom image into CYMK on photoshop. I then printed this reflecting on colours of a CYMK vibrancy. I screen printed to show how layered colour can blend and create new colours. I would have liked to keep printing on top of this freely. I also wanted this piece to demonstrate the processes of print and how this image develops within this process to create something other than  a repeat of its original image.

I used photoshop to experiment with changing the colour of these oyster mushrooms, perhaps they could inspire digital prints. It would be interesting to combine this imagery with the disperse dye prints and halftone prints I have already made.

Ciara Donnelly

Ciara Donnelly

Apr 6, 2020

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