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Thank you Sofia Coppola!

So for those of you who have yet to watch a film by Sofia Coppola film I envy you! Theres nothing like the first time you watch a film for the first time that you just know is going to be that relatable visual masterpiece you will forever hold dear. For me Sofia has done this in every single one of her films. She (yes she is a female film director) put sophisticated thought provoking female characters that I could completely relate to on the big screen something which I am afraid to say up until recently has been an extremely rare occurrence. She inspired me her seemingly effortless mood setting shots. Seen below in this shot of Lux just having lost her virginity is left to wake up alone, she has yet to wake to the melancholic blue that surrounds her.

film still from the film “the virgin suicides” by Sofia Coppola

Many of Sofia Coppola’s films deals with feelings of boredom and isolation and this was before the days of the dreaded "Lockdown" , her films validates the the importance of these feelings and the difficulties they can bring. Her characters are often left to ponder and dream of what may be waiting for them out in the world.

I began to think of this in terms of my own creative practice. Feeling isolated bored and shut out from the world, I think that is when creativity can be your greatest companion.

Think about how using these feelings to express and create could resonate with someone else who feels the same. Your perspective is important and your creative influence is valid.

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