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Copy, Copy, Print!

During this period of lockdown I am determined to keep printing and producing work! looking back at my images I began to want to re connect my textile pieces and print with my concepts surrounding photography.

I feel vey lucky to have some form of a printing method at home i.e my cartridge paper printer. I wanted to some how use this mechanical device to create images and patterns that would remind the viewer of the action of printing, thus showing a process of print within the print itself.

To do this I began to collage the same photo by photocopying playing with colour /black and white option and repeating this process until i was satisfied that the image had become something new and exciting. I then scanned this image onto photoshop and continued to collage and develop the image further creating  a pattern.

I then sent this to be printed digitally on a chiffon transparent silk. I choose this material as I intend to have the image pleated and I want this constant changing and moving of the image to be seen in it transparency.

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