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A Photographic Narrative

When documenting a mushroom growth what interested me was this change that happened over a period of time. Each photo individually yes interesting but when shown together as a series these still photos began to show a movement. This movement to in turn created a narrative. I want to take inspiration form this growth by using screen printing techniques to layer a movement if you like, to see something that is so layered with intricate detailing it leads you to consider it as something that has developed over a timely process. The textile before you has grown into what is seen before you but not in a conventional sense, instead through a use of printing techniques, colours and layers. Could a change from one colour to the next be considered a growth? A moment from one opacity to the next.

I feel this is connected to the way we read images. Sitting at a window gazing at the world outside, two elements are occurring, one you are imagining a happening that you cannot see, for instance a dog waiting patiently outside the coffee shop you imagine that this dog has been waiting a while and is longing to see the familiar face it waits for yet this has not actually been observed, only imagined . The other element is that you are looking and observing what is actually occurring in front of your eyes ,the movements of the dog that sits outside the coffee shop, wags tail and perks his ears up and down. The first although imagined is connected to the latter in that we would not imagine how the dog had felt if we had not seen the dog, the motions observed of the dog are sign to how we interpret and therefore imagine how the dog feels. This in my opinion is how we read images, using both our imagination and our observations.

Day One

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

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