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A Girls bedroom a place where creativity thrives!

I was inspired by the lyrics of Johanna Fateman, Kathleen M Hanna in their Song By Band Le Tigre Called Eua D’Bedroom Dancing It is about being free to dance in your bedroom without having to worry about being the object of someones unwanted affection.

When photographing my fashion textile shoot in my room I had this song in my mind.

I was so lucky to have my flatmate jenny model for me! It was such fun listening to music playing with fun sparkly make up and dancing about the room like lunatics!

Here are the lyrics to this son Eua D’Bedroom Dancing by Le Tigre that inspired this shoot.

  I'm in the sky when I'm on my floor
  The world's a mess and you're my only cure
  There's no time for me to act mature
  The only words I know are more, more and more
  No one to criticize me then
  No one to criticize
  No one to criticize me then
  No one to criticize
  There's no fear when I'm in my room
  It's so clear and I know just what I want to do
  Eau d'bedroom dancing
  To you I wanna say, you're my thing
  You teach me, you teach me, you teach me, you teach me
  You only teach me wisely, only show me why
  I remember, I remember everything
  I don't wanna stop, I remember everything

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