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My Mushroom Muse Collection

Inspired by the reality that the photographic image creates and how this may differ to what is actually is in front of the camera .This Mushroom Muse collection of printed fashion textiles analyses photography and how its mechanical and digital processes can create a narrative in collaboration with the photographers gaze.  Blending fiction with authenticity through a use of mood, colour and composition the collection creates its own reality that celebrates the creativity procured form this photographic collaboration between female gaze and photographic lens.

This Collection begun during the first UK lockdown of 2020.   

Feeling separated from the world and nature outside I decided to grow my own inspiration in the form of grey and pink oyster mushrooms and bring the natural world inside with me. Once a day at a specific time these mushrooms were photographed using two different types of cameras, a digital camera  and an analogue camera. I began to reflect on the images I had gathered, within each a change had occurred,  It was obvious that a part of this growth had been missed as as consequence of time, not everything was captured by the camera. What was given at times was a blurred or merky underestanding of what might have been there. I feel there is beauty in the missed pieces of this narritive as this can only be imagined.

My work is very much inspired by concepts surrounding the female gaze and the female photographic perspective. I see my process of photographing the mushrooms day-by-day as a reflection of my own female mood and vision. Each photograph has its own story to tell of how I was feeling that day and this is expressed through a use of colour and composition within my printed textiles.

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